About the Yoga Circle

The Instructor

Lynda Alfred in Yoga PoseLynda Alfred is a certified Iyengar yoga instructor.  She is a dedicated student of Iyengar yoga, practicing since 1986.  She studies each year with senior Iyengar instructors from around the world.  An instructor since 1995, Lynda teaches with humor and compassion, sharing her love and excitement for yoga with her students and helping their yoga move to places they never thought possible.  

Lynda believes in the power of yoga not only to create and maintain health, vitality and openness but also to transform the body and the mind.  She believes that yoga helps us open to infinite possibilities and that yoga is an invitation to explore and discover those possibilities with joy as they unfold.

Iyengar Yoga

Yoga is an ancient art, science and philosophy perfectly suited to meet the challenges and stresses of our times.  Yoga builds strength, develops flexibility and helps us to relax and let go.

The word "yoga" comes from the Sanskrit root "yuj," which means union.  Yoga is the union of the body with the mind and spirit; the union of the individual being with the greater being or spirit.

Iyengar yoga focuses on bringing the body into proper structural alignment to create and enhance the practitioner's physical and mental wellbeing.  We use a variety of props, including blankets, blocks, belts and chairs to make the poses accessible and beneficial to each student.

Iyengar Service MarkIyengar yoga is known for reducing stress, increasing strength and endurance, enhancing balance and flexibility, improving concentration, quieting the mind, alleviating fatigue, and reducing pain. Iyengar yoga helps to address osteoporosis, arthritis and asthma, just to name a few challenges. It tones the whole body and helps one find and maintain a calm center.

BKS Iyengar is a living yoga master, known for introducing yoga to the West.  At 87, he has been practicing and teaching yoga for 70 years!  He has taught around the world and written extensively on yoga asanas (poses), pranayama (breathing practices) and philosophy.  He is known for his clear and precise teaching and for developing props to enable students of varying abilities to practice yoga and experience its benefits.  Mr. Iyengar is strongly committed to sharing his lifetime of study and practice with yoga students worldwide.  He continues to practice, teach and write about yoga.

BKS Iyengar is also committed to developing teachers who share his methods with students everywhere.  Certified Iyengar instructors undergo rigorous and extensive training.  We are honored to uphold Mr. Iyengar's high standards.

The Studio

lynda Alfred yoga pose 5Uncompahgre Yoga Circle is a sunny, serene space in downtown Montrose.  The studio is fully equipped with everything you need for an Iyengar yoga practice.  Certified Iyengar yoga instructor Lynda Alfred provides individual attention in her classes to help each student more forward in his or her practice.

In addition to regular classes, Lynda offers private one-on-one sessions.  Private classes are a great way to get started with yoga or to move your yoga practice to a higher level.  Privates are also a great way to rehabilitate an injury or from surgery.  Working one-on-one, Lynda can focus on your specific needs or goals and develop a sequence of poses just for you.

Uncompahgre Yoga Circle also offers periodic Saturday morning workshops.  These special classes have a specific focus, including yoga for headaches, stress, back pain, or knee injuries; developing a home practice; restorative yoga; and pranayama (breathing practice).


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